LED Lighting

Commercial Buildings

21st-century lighting technology has come of age.  The latest LED fixtures can produce better quality light at a fraction of the energy cost.

Upgrading your existing lights can save 50-80% on energy costs depending on what you are replacing.  For example, a common 4 ft. T-8 fluorescent bulb uses 32 watts, vs 12 watts for a comparable LED light.  The older T-12 bulbs use 40 watts to do the same work!  Additionally, fluorescent lights dim with age, so a new LED light will often be much brighter than your existing equipment.

Another major advantage of LED is low maintenance.  The premium quality equipment we specify has a manufacturer warranty of 5 years or more, during which time there should be no bulb swaps! The solid-state electronics in LED equipment burn for tens of thousands of hours before needing service.  In many cases, especially with pole lights and high canopy ceilings, we find that maintenance savings alone justify the upgrade to LED.

SEEfficiency also offers unique financing solutions to eliminate the up-front cost of a lighting upgrade.  We understand that commercial building owners sometimes have complex circumstances to deal with when making capital improvements to a property, and our solutions can be tailored to fit your needs.  Aside from traditional financing, we can also offer subscription and leasing models so you can earn the benefits of LED without adding to your balance sheet.  This flexibility even allows us to find cash flowing solutions for multiple stakeholder situations, such as a tenant-occupied space with a triple-net lease but light fixtures provided by the owner.  Contact us to learn more.